A tote for Mom!

For Christmas, I planned on making a reusable grocery tote for my mom. The plan was to print a picture of my kids on special fabric and incorporate it into the tote. Well, the special fabric was cream colored and could only be dry cleaned. Not such a good idea for a grocery tote. I was left trying to figure out a nice gift.

A few months ago, a fellow quilter was cleaning out her scrap stash and I bought some of it from her. Included was a set of squares already sewn together and some of the leftover material from those squares. The leftovers were the perfect size for a tote! Once I started playing w/ the materials, I found inspiration and a plan came together.

I used a tote I already had as the basis of a pattern; but mostly, I winged it. It's no where near perfect and the detailing is atrocious. But I adore it!! I really don't want to part with it! LOL


Christine said...

I can see why you would want to keep it. It looks fresh and happy, like Spring. I'm afraid if you make another gift for you mom you'll like it just as much. :)