It may not look like much..

... but here's where things stand with the Cabin in the Woods quilt.

Today was all about cutting out a million different pieces and getting some of the basic assembly completed. There are three or four different types of tree blocks and I only have one type finished.

For being a scrappy quilt, it sure does require large scraps! I've had a hard time finding scraps large enough but fortunately I have some leftover yardage in a several prints. But I'm sure that before this is over, I'll be having to beg for fabric from Kellie or run to the store to buy more fabric.

I am loving this quilt! I think the fact that it's not the same exact pattern over and over ad infinitum that appeals to me. Each cabin is unique as is each tree. Block assembly is pretty random which also appeals to me. And it's just so stinkin' cute! I think this quilt demands a double layer of thick batting to make it a good winter quilt for curling up in front of a fire.

Now to work out installing a fireplace in my apartment!