One of the magazines my grandmother had featured a nine-patch "blanket" on the cover of the magazine. My daughter saw the kitty blanket and had to have it. I figured that she'd forget about it after a day or so if I put the magazine away, but she was tenacious!  Personally, I think it's super ugly.

I had some time today and threw it together for her.  I learned a few lessons along the way:

  • Don't use fleece for backing. Really.  It might seem like a good idea but it really isn't.
  • Make sure you're using the right size needle if you are stupid enough to use fleece for the backing.
  • It's okay to give yourself more than a 1/4" seam allowance when you're assembling your quilt pillow-case style.
  • Top stitch! Really. Don't forget it! ALL the way around. It makes life so much easier.
  • Did I mention not to use fleece? Just thought I'd throw that in again.
  • If you really wanted this to be a blankie for a child, don't use buttons for eyes and make your squares larger.  I followed the instructions, against my better judgment, and cut 4 1/2" squares. The end result is a 12" block. I suppose Barbie or Strawberry Shortcake could use it as a blankie.
So here's the creepy kitty. I think it's frightening but I'm sure my daughter will love it. 


recycled one of my son's fleece baby blankets for the backing