Must I de-stash?

I've seen quite a few blog posts from fabricaholics who are determined to destash and/or use up their fabric stashes on projects this year.

Personally, I don't think I have an incredibly huge stash of fabrics. But when you compare how much space my stash takes up in this tiny apartment, it does seem like a lot. No, I'm not justifying my fabric love; I'm simply explaining that the ratio of storage space to fabric taking up storage space is a big skewed in this  little apartment.

Should I de-stash? Probably. I know there are fabrics in there that I'll never use. But I said the same thing before making my daughter's quilt and ended up using one of the "ew" fabrics and love it in the quilt!

I did make an effort to organize my projects.  I have shoe boxes and leftover Christmas boxes holding various projects; each box is labeled too!  I'd love to have some (a million) Sterlite type containers to help with organizing but I'm okay with recycling the boxes I come across.

Are you committed to de-stashing this year? Using up your fabrics on projects? How will you get rid of the unwanted fabrics? I'm thinking about holding a giveaway on the blog maybe.  I'll have to see what I can find to get rid of. I don't have a lot of designer fabrics - just remnants from other people's projects for the most part.

So... de-stash or hold on tight?