Rainbow bargello progress

It started out pretty simply.... a request for a rainbow quilt. After researching high and low, I decided to use a bunch of fat quarter from my stash and sew a bargello.

I added a border but it just didn't look right. It was too narrow. Beefing up the width with borders wasn't going to work... they'd overpower the rainbow effect.

Yes, that's my striped sock peeking out

I set it aside for a month while I noodled through possible solutions. Nothing I thought of was do-able. Nothing clicked as the right answer. I finally spread it out on the floor of my best friend's kitchen and stared at it.

And stared.

Then I stared some more.

Then I ate an ice cream sandwich and stared even more.

And then it hit me! I had extra bargello "tubes" that hadn't been opened yet. I could open them, halve them and add them to the side without the border! That would give me another 5 or 6 inches of width!

I spent tonight sewing those extras. Tomorrow I'll attach them to the rest of the quilt and we'll see how it looks!