Blocky Beauty

Yesterday, I finished sewing about 50 squares, cut them and then ironed the seams tonight. After patting myself on the back for a while and quietly fondling my stacks of pinwheel squares, I decided to lay them out on the floor as blocks to see how it would look.

I had almost twice as many squares that could be laid out at this point, plus just as many that still need to be sewn once I buy more of the rust-colored contrast material.

This will easily make a twin size quilt. If I add a thick boarder and sashing, I *might* be able to stretch it to a double. I'll have to do some measuring.

I loved looking at my blocks all laid out. Now I just need to sew all those blocks!!

So... what do you think of the quilt being named "Pocket of Autumn"? Like it? Hate it? Have a better idea?