Turning 20 gone awry

I really am not great when it comes to cutting fabric. I think I've lamented this fact on this blog before. But I really do stink at it! It's become a joke between my BFF and me that if I need fabric cut, she has to do it for me. It's embarrassing, really. I desperately need an Accuquilt Go! But that's another rant entirely.
Kellie let me borrow her Turning 20 pattern (well, she encouraged me to take it home with me, I declined, then found the perfect Fat Quarter's to make a quilt for my daughter and decided to make Turning 20 even though the pattern was still at Kellie's house *insert panting breath here from super long, run on elipticle whatever-you-call-it).

I was happily cutting along, squaring up my FQs. Then I measured. The pattern called for 18 1/2" wide. I had 17. Oops.

So. No Turning Twenty after all! Well. Who needs to turn twenty again anyways?

I looked down at all these cut fat quarters and refused to be discouraged!

I had cut some 10" squares. These became three huge 18" pinwheels!

I had 3 1/2" wide strips. These became stacked coins of varying widths.

I had 10 1/2" wide strips. I cut these down and made "bricks".

Layed out the rows and ...........

Until I have some extra money to buy fabric, the boarders and backing will just have to wait. This will go in the UFO pile until it's time to be quilted.