Mistakes happen

A super simple project - making a pocket warmer. Cut two pieces of material the same size, sew them with the right sides together leaving an opening to flip it open. Push out the corners, fill about 1/3 full with rice or beans, close it up.

How can you go wrong?

Oh. I found a way. Boy, did I find a way.

The problem wasn't the construction or even the sewing. The problem was with the execution. Let me offer you a bit of advice: when you heat up your pocket warmer, don't leave it in the microwave for three minutes. Really, it's not necessary; a minute to a minute and a half is all that is necessary.


You should probably click on the image to see the true horror of what happened. The rice swelled and almost burst the material. And it began to scorch the material! The rice was so burnt that I had to throw the whole pocket warmer into the sink and run some cold water over it to keep it from catching on fire. Then, nothing but brown, burn water can out of it. What a stinky mess!

So take my advice... enjoy your pocket warmers but a little moderation during the microwaving is in order.