Fabric Love

I'm not the type of person to go ga-ga over fabric. Sure, some patterns and colors appeal to me more than others. But, generally, I don't squeal like a school-girl or get all giddy about fabric.

Or, I didn't.

At least, not until I found Moda's Lila Tuller Eden collection.


Someone pass the smelling salts!

Go ahead, click again. You know you want to stare at the awesomeness. Click. It's okay.

I am now on a quest to find the most perfect, modern quilt pattern for this fabric. Because of the large prints, I am hesitant to use most quilt patterns. I want to show off this big, bold print! I want everyone who sees my quilt to be intrigued and engrossed with the fabrics.

Yes, it's a sick kind of love, isn't it?

A quilt with this fabric... she shall be mine.. oh yes she shall!